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Spaaza's Customer Data Platform

Spaaza's Customer Data Platform is the foundation of our solution. We unify customer data add unique insights and then provide a powerful, but easy-to-use, set of tools so you can understand, serve and market to customers more effectively.

Unified Customer Profile

Combine all your customer data into a single profile

Spaaza brings together customer data from across a retailer's systems and channels to create a unified customer profile. Customer data can be pushed into Spaaza via our API, through our customer-facing tools and integrations or via bulk import.

Enriched profile data

Spaaza also enriches customer profiles with additional, calculated data. For example RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) scoring.

Marketing automation

Our webhooks let you trigger personalised marketing based on customer profile events that happen across your channels.

Customer Intelligence

Understand your customers better

The Spaaza Console helps you understand your customers and channels better so that you can create more effective customer marketing and commnunication campaigns.

Real-time analytics

Our dashboards and analytics tools are all updated in real time and give retailers a way to monitor the performance of their business and individual shopping channels from a customer-centric point of view.


Retailers can use Spaaza's unfied customer model to create segments. Segments can be used to compare and understand customers across channels. They can also be easily exported to build more personalised marketing programs in third party services.

Get the full picture

View a customers unified profile to see data-driven insights and an overview of their interactions with your business.

Compare stores and channels

Being able to compare Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across different stores and channels is vital for improving the performance of your customer marketing programs. Spaaza's channel data is updated in real-time and it's super-fast and easy to compare historical data.

Sales Associate Tools

Give staff the tools to serve customers better in store

Our web interface for sales associates works on cash registers, staff tablets or a staff member's smartphone. We've tried to make the experience of signing up new customers, searching for existing customers, activating rewards and viewing a customers unified profile as simple, flexible and fast as possible. This translates directly into better customer-staff interactions and more signups.

Search all customers

Super-fast search makes it easy to find customers based on Spaaza's unified customer data. Search on name, email, surname, customer number and loyalty card number. Sales associates across all accounts including customers who previously may have only bought online.

Create new accounts

Making it as easy as possible for staff to sign up customers is a key factor in growing your customer database. Spaaza makes it easy for staff to create new accounts, whether on the shop floor while taking to a customers, at checkout or even outside of the store. When necessary our account creation tools work with webshop software to ensure that a customer has one account that works wherever they choose to shop.

View and activate personalised campaigns and rewards

Staff can see any personalised Spaaza campaigns available to a customer and activate it on the customers behalf if necessary. This works with both Personal Pricing campaigns and Points Machine.