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Everything you need to create a world-class loyalty program

Use Spaaza's tools to create a dynamic and personalised customer loyalty program that's built for the future of commerce.

Use unique customer insights and incentive campaigns to create new types of benefits and experiences that work wherever customers interact with your brand.

Join the leading brands using Spaaza to run programs that deliver amazing results at a global scale.

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Create omnichannel loyalty programs with Spaaza Create omnichannel loyalty programs with Spaaza Create omnichannel loyalty programs with Spaaza
Dynamic & personal

Static programs that never change are a thing of the past. Spaaza brings a campaign-orientated approach to create programs that adjust to the needs of your business and your customers.

Omnichannel loyalty programs

Loyalty programs from Spaaza work in your ecommerce, physical stores, apps, and partner sales channels. Connect with one of our pre-built integrations or use our developer tools.

Track everything

Track the results of your programs in real time with Spaaza's analytics tools to understand the impact on your business and how you can improve performance.

Go global

Create programs that work in any region and language you do business in. Spaaza is built to scale and has everything needed to run in the enterprise.

Relevant rewards

Give customers points, wallet value, or discounts. Or issue a monetary or perk voucher. Create the right incentive for your audience and get the best results.

Loyalty apps

Use our iOS and Android loyalty app solution to create new ways of interacting with customers and a great new experience for program members. Use tools like push-notifications to drive sales.

Unique insights

Spaaza's algorithms and analytics tools give you access to unique insights on your customers behaviour. Use these insights to change behaviour in Spaaza, or in other aspects of your business.

Better customer service

Service teams at head office and in-store, love how Spaaza's tools make it easy to look up a customer history and make adjustments to loyalty accounts.

G-Star runs Spaaza

Learn how the renowned denim brand created their new omnichannel loyalty program using Spaaza.

Learn more about the G-Star program
G-Star loyalty program

Works in your ecommerce system

Spaaza's pre-built extensions

Magento Commerce logo
Loyalty programs for Magento

Create a world class Magento loyalty program with our easy-to-install and fully-featured Magento 2 extension.

Magento Marketplace Blog post
Salesforce Commerce Cloud logo
Loyalty programs for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Create powerful incentive-marketing campaigns and loyalty programs on SFCC with our OCAPI integration as a foundation.

Webshop integrations built by partners

Want to offer Spaaza's incentive solutions as part of your webshop solution?  Get in touch and check out our developer documentation.

What is a loyalty program?

A loyalty program, also called a "member" or "rewards" program, is a set of benefits that customers receive for being frequent or "loyal" customers. Customers typically need to choose to join a program in order to receive these benefits.

Old-fashioned loyalty programs are limited in their benefits, are static (the benefits don't change) and are not personal. They also often do not work in all the new places that customers interact with brands.

The structure of a loyalty program and the rewards offered can be very different depending on the brand and their customers. Using Spaaza's tools you can create any type of program and you can manage customer rewards whenever you need to with our powerful software.

The value of a Spaaza loyalty program for brands

A Spaaza loyalty program helps brands to understand their customers on a deep level. These insights can then be used to personalise all aspects of a customer's experience and improve other areas of a business.

A Spaaza loyalty program also gives brands many new ways to incentivise their members with campaign-driven benefits that are both personal and dynamic. These can be used to achieve specific business goals like increasing purchase frequency or a customer's lifetime value.

The value of a Spaaza loyalty program for members

By joining a Spaaza-powered loyalty program customers get access to a more personal experience with benefits that add clear value to their lives as well as to their social groups and communities.

North Sails icon

"Spaaza has allowed us to create a powerful loyalty program that works on our webshop and in our physical stores around the world. The North Sails program has been very important for our business and has been a great asset in 2020.

We’re particularly excited about how the program supports our activities as a Benefit Corporation and our commitment to the environment and sustainability. Spaaza’s tools allow us to incentivise our customers with rewards that benefit not just them personally but also the community and the environment."

Willem Wijnen, Chief Customer Officer, North Sails Apparel

North Sails loyalty program

How to create a world-class loyalty program

Pick the tools you need and create a dynamic and personal program that is right for your customers.

Smart Vouchers

Re-imagine what you can do with vouchers

Issue stock, plant trees, award discounts, or even provide trials for music streaming services. Create the perfect incentives for your program with Spaaza's Smart Vouchers.

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Spaaza smart vouchers and coupons work anywhere Spaaza smart vouchers and coupons work anywhere Spaaza smart vouchers and coupons work anywhere
Incentivise social commerce with Spaaza Incentivise social commerce with Spaaza

Social commerce

Turn your best customers into your best salespeople

Use Spaaza's incentives for social commerce and turn your program members into your best performing sales channel.

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Empower your brand ambassadors

Our referral tools allow you to create a referral program for your program members and turn them into a powerful source of new signups and sales.

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Create personalised referral programs with Spaaza Create personalised referral programs with Spaaza Create personalised referral programs with Spaaza
Earn points and loyalty levels through any interaction Earn points and loyalty levels through any interaction

Points Machine

Dynamic and personal points and status levels

Run your loyalty program based on reward points. Incentivise customer interactions and reward their loyalty to your brand. Add status levels to further incentivise high value customers.

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Digital Wallet

Give your members a digital wallet

Give members the ability to save and add money to a digital wallet that they can then spend on purchases in your stores.

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Manage mobile payment and store credit wallets Manage mobile payment and store credit wallets Manage mobile payment and store credit wallets
Spaaza mobile iOS and Android apps home screen Spaaza mobile iOS and Android apps home screen

Program apps

Create an experience designed for members

Spaaza's iOS and Android apps give you a channel dedicated to creating the perfect loyalty experience.

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Customer insights

Gain deep, actionable understanding and insights

Spaaza's Incentive Marketing Platform includes data and algorithmic tools to help you understand your customers in new ways. Use these insights to create Spaaza campaigns to incentivise your members and unlock new opportunities.

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Unified customer profiles Unified customer profiles Unified customer profiles

Purchase history

Easily give your customers access to their purchase history and receipts

Spaaza makes it simple to give your customers access to their full purchase history and digital receipts in an app or webshop. This can be a great motivator for a customer to join your loyalty program.

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