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Personal Pricing

Individualised markdowns for customers. Turn discounts into rewards.

Reduce traditional discounting

Lower dependence on storewide markdowns.

Improve conversion

Target discounts to increase sales conversion.

Suprise and delight

Turn discounts into a customer benefit.

Online, in-store, in-between

Works wherever your customers shop.

Personal Pricing Technology

Matching the right product price to the right customer

Spaaza combines product data with our unified customer profile and then applies algorithms and rules set by the retailer to create a customer's personalised price.

Give followers better prices

You can use Personal Pricing to give followers on social channels early access to disccounts or additional markdowns.

Combine rules to create a price

Use multiple pricing rules to contribute to the total discount.

Claim your price

Customers can optionally be required to activate or 'claim' their price on their phone or via the webhsop before it will be redeemed.