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Spaaza incentive marketing platform

Unique customer insights combined with tools to change behaviour

Spaaza's Incentive Marketing Platform is the foundation on which all our tools are built. It combines attributes and insights about customers, employees and influencers with powerful campaigning technology and analytics. Spaaza’s Incentive Marketing Platform is designed to let you create incentives built for the future of commerce.

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Actionable insights

Spaaza brings together sales, attribute, and interaction event data from all your channels. Use this data to create more relevant incentives for customers that deliver amazing results.

Easy to work with

Traditional campaigning tools are often complex and difficult to manage. Spaaza makes creating and managing campaigns a breeze.

Works in your systems

Spaaza works in your webshop, physical stores, apps, and partner sales channels. Connect with one of our pre-built integrations or use our developer tools.


Spaaza is committed to personal data privacy and our solution is fully GDPR compliant.

A unified profile

We combine transactions, social, and personal data to get unique, actionable insights

Unified customer profiles Unified customer profiles Unified customer profiles

Spaaza creates unified profiles that include all the data you need to better understand the behaviour of your customers, influencers, and employees.

We add calculated insights, like RFM scoring, to profiles, to help you understand where to focus your marketing activities to get the best results.

Achieve amazing results by understanding and measuring behaviour, and influence desired behaviour with unique and personalised incentives.

Powerful segmentation

Create segments using all the profile data and insights in Spaaza

Segment customers Segment customers Segment customers

Segments help you understand your customers by allowing you to create customer groups based on dynamic filters, which can be used to create targeted campaigns for more effective incentive marketing.

Use segments to understand and compare different customer groups and identify those that are underperforming. Create campaigns to improve performance and see the impact.

Export segments to other systems and tools, and use Spaaza's unique data to improve other aspects of your marketing.

A toolbox of incentive campaigns

Create campaigns that issue incentives based on your business goals and the customer behaviour you want to influence

Create incentive marketing campaigns Create incentive marketing campaigns Create incentive marketing campaigns

Spaaza has a growing toolbox of campaign types that are designed to help you influence specific customer behaviours. Campaigns issue incentives when your target audience meets the campaign rules you set.

We have campaigns to help you increase frequency, get customers spending more per transaction, retrieve lost customers, or improve the quality of the data customers share with you.

We are constantly adding new campaign types to help you use the power of incentives to find new ways to grow your business.

Control everything, easily

Control when and where your campaigns run. Set the correct audience, incentive, and promotional content.

Edit incentive marketing campaigns Edit incentive marketing campaigns Edit incentive marketing campaigns

Every Spaaza campaign comes with powerful but easy-to-use tools, allowing you to control the target audience and incentive (points, voucher, wallet value) issued when desired customer behaviour occurs.

Set campaign start and end dates, as well as the days and times of day they will be available. Easily activate or de-activate campaigns.

Add promotional content to help customers discover and understand campaigns in your apps, webshops, and other channels. Add localisations to promote your campaigns to audiences that speak different languages.

Track performance

Real time reporting and analytics

Analytics dashboard with comparison periods Analytics dashboard with comparison periods Analytics dashboard with comparison periods
Dashboards and reports

Get an overview of the impact of all your incentive marketing activities in real time with our dashboard and reporting tools. Select the period you want to report on and choose a comparison period.

Referral program analytics Referral program analytics Referral program analytics
Campaign specific analytics

Dive into the results of an individual campaign for detailed insights into its performance and its impact on your business.

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