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Points Machine

Everything you need to create a powerful and flexible loyalty program that’s built for the future of shopping.

Get personal

Create rewards that are more relevant to your customers.

Suprise and delight customers

Create new types of customer experiences.

Reward what matters

Reward customers based on what's important to your business.

Online, in-store, in-between

Points Machine works wherever your customers shop.

Most shoppers have a negative opinion of loyalty programs. They often offer little real value, are inflexible and they don’t work well across all of the places they shop and experience your brand.*

Points Machine gives retailers the tools to create better rewards programs that delight customers wherever they choose to shop.

*Read more in the report by Cap Gemini "Fixing the Cracks: Reinventing Loyalty Programs for the Digital Age"

Points Contributor Technology

Reward customers in new ways

Reward customers with points when they buy something…or when they do anything else that matters to you. Contributors are campaigns that you create with Spaaza that determine when customers will earn points. Contributors makes it easy to incentivise and reward many types of interactions, across all your channels.

Create contributor campaigns

Contributor campaigns are quick and easy to set up in Spaaza. Choose the type of contributor you want, when you want the campaign to run and what you want the rules to be.

Show customers what they need to do to earn more points

Embed Spaaza's components in your app or webshop to show customers the Contributor Campaigns you have active and what they need to do to earn more points. Customise the look and feel to fit your brand.

Want to build a custom loyalty experience?

Build your own unique interface with our API.

Always personal

Show customers their progress towards unlocking points and which rewards they have already earnt.


Target campaigns at specific customer groups to reward them with something extra or give them an additional incentive to come back to your store.

App components and webshop integrations

Works wherever customers shop

Points Machine is designed to be easy to include in all your digital channels. We offer customisable components which can be included in your app as well as integrations with webshop software. Our components provide a more personal experience for shoppers and one that's fast and easy to use.