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Spaaza Receipts

Turn receipts into a new channel for engaging with customers after purchase. Use receipt data to unlock new business opportunities.

Available for customers (and staff) in any channel

Include itemised digital receipts and full purchase history in any customer app or web interface. Make the customers full purchase history available to staff so that they can make better recommendations and provide better customer service in store.

Send receipts by email

Easily send receipts to a customer's email address. Use Spaaza's whitelabel template and service or send via a third party email marketing solution using Spaaza's Receipt Webhooks.

Track offline conversion and run more effective advertising campaigns

Send offline purchase data to tools like Google AdWords and Facebook to track offline conversion, better understand customers and run more relevant and effective advertising campaigns.

Real-time connections to leading POS and ecommerce systems

Spaaza has real-time connections with leading POS vendors and ecommerce solutions. We are adding new connections all the time. Want to connect your POS or ecommerce solution with Spaaza?

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Give your developers and trusted partners access to structured receipt data. Use Spaaza's Receipts Component to easily embed receipts in web pages.