A referral system to get new,
high value customers

Referral programs and refer a friend marketing is a highly effective way to get new customers, who often have a higher-than-average lifetime value.

Spaaza has all the referral marketing tools you need to turn your existing customers, influencers and employees into ambassadors for your brand.

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Relevant referrals

Use Spaaza's campaigns to create targeted referral programs for your different customer, employee, and influencer groups. Allow your best customers to give better referrals.

Choose the right incentive

Give vouchers, points, wallet value, or discounts for referral activity. Create the best incentive for your audience and maximise your referral traffic

Real time insights

Understand how your referral activity is performing in real time and how it can be improved. Get insights into your top ambassadors and help them refer even more new customers.

Omnichannel referral programs

Our referral marketing software is designed to work in your webshop, website, physical stores, apps, and partner sales channels. Connect with one of our pre-built integrations or use our developer tools.

Works in your ecommerce system

Spaaza's pre-built extensions

Referral programs for Magento

Access all Spaaza's referral with our easy-to-install and fully-featured Magento 2 extension.

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Referral programs for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Create powerful referral programs on SFCC with our OCAPI integration as a foundation.

Webshop integrations built by our partners

Want to offer Spaaza's incentive solutions as part of your webshop solution?  Get in touch and check out our developer documentation.

Looking for referral marketing ideas or want to learn how to create a great referral program?

Get in touch and we will send you our free guide.


Easy to set up and manage all aspects of your program

Spaaza's referral program software makes it simple to manage all aspects of your referral marketing activities without custom development work. Create a permanent referral program or a campaign that only runs for a weekend.


Create the perfect referral program for any group

Unlike with other solutions, Spaaza's referral software makes it possible to have an unlimited number of referral programs running at the same time, each targeting a different audience, with different benefits.

By creating targeted campaigns for specific groups you can get better results.

Use Spaaza to create:

  • Customer referral programs
  • VIP referral programs
  • Referral programs for employees
  • Influencer referral programs
  • ...the sky is the limit

Referral analytics

Measure everything in real time

Our real-time, referral analytics make it easy to understand the impact of your referral marketing. Get a high level overview or dive into campaign-specific reports.


Choose the best incentive and get the best result

Referral campaigns can use any type of Spaaza incentive, and completely different types of incentive can used for the referred and referring party.

Give discounts, points, wallet balance, trees, movies or events. Find the perfect incentive for your brand and audience.

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