We turn shoppers
into customers

Personalised marketing for retail
In-store, online and in between

Watch how Quiksilver uses Spaaza to personalise their experience and understand shoppers better.

One solution built for the future of shopping

Spaaza connects online, in-store and social commerce to create a single solution for engaging with shoppers.
By understanding shoppers in a new way we help retailers to personalise prices, rewards and marketing messages to create a better shopping experience.

Spaaza Personal Pricing

Increase conversion and traffic and reduce the margin loss from traditional markdowns.

Facebook Fan
High social influence
Top 10 customer
Buys during sales
Friends with Michael
First visit to the store
Twitter follower
Posted that to Pinterest
Looked at that product in store yesterday

Reward shoppers with personal prices

Spaaza’s pricing technology lets retailers create personalised and dynamic price promotions in-store and online. By personalising prices Spaaza helps retailers to reduce the margin they lose on traditional markdowns and sales and gives them a new way to reward the right shoppers.

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Create new experiences in store

Spaaza’s mobile apps are designed to be used in store to enable a whole new type of shopping experience.

Reward and influence shoppers in new ways

Personalised messaging and promotions in store to drive conversion and traffic.

Proximity marketing

Spaaza works with Apple’s iBeacon and Bluetooth LE beacons to deliver marketing and services based on a shopper's location in store.

Shopper Privacy

We help retailers to adhere to best practice when it comes to securing and managing data that shoppers have entrusted to them.

Fits into your webshop

Our extensions and plugins for webshop systems bring Spaaza’s unique tools to online shoppers.

Personal pricing on the webshop
Spaaza’s personal pricing technology works in the webshop.

Incentivise online shoppers personally
Combine online, offline and social data to drive webshop sales.

Drive offline sales from the webshop
Incentivise shoppers to come into store to try on or buy an item.

Product finder
Find out where a product on the webshop is available to buy nearby.

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Build Spaaza into
your app or webshop

Our JSON-based REST API makes it straightforward for retailers to build Spaaza components into existing apps and webshops.

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req = SpaazaApi::Client.new :debug => true,

:host => 'https://api0.spaaza.com/v1'

res = es.get '/public/search-products.json?chain_id=1740&search_brand=DC'

res.results == res.data['results']

Shopper insight

By connecting in-store, online and social data we provide retailers with a unique understanding of shoppers.

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Realtime results

We use the latest search and analytics technology to deliver realtime statistics.


Create segments to understand how best to improve performance for specific groups of shoppers.

Online and offline data combined

Spaaza incorporates social, webstore, mobile and in-store data to get the full view of a shopper journey.

Spaaza works with your existing setup

We work with the best e-commerce and point-of-sale platforms, including:


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