Smart Vouchers

Take your voucher and coupon game to the next level

Smart Vouchers are an all-in-one, cloud-based solution to issue and manage vouchers that can be delivered and redeemed wherever your customers are. We've reimagined what a voucher can do to create new ways to incentivise and delight your customers.

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Vouchers re-imagined

Vouchers no longer need to be limited to discounts. Smart Vouchers also allow you to incentivise customers with experiences, fractional ownership, and community benefits.

Omnichannel vouchers

Smart Vouchers are designed to work in your webshop, physical stores, apps, and partner sales channels. Connect with one of our pre-built integrations or use our developer tools.

Analytics & fraud prevention

Track results of your voucher campaigns in real time with Spaaza's analytics tools and use our built-in technology to prevent and detect redemption fraud.

Create the perfect incentive

Smart Vouchers, plus our Incentive Marketing Platform, let you create incentives that are personalised to your customer. More personal incentives mean better results.

Works in your ecommerce system

Spaaza's pre-built extensions

Smart Vouchers for Magento

Access all Spaaza's tools with our easy-to-install and fully-featured Magento 2 extension.

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Smart Vouchers for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Create next-level voucher and coupon campaigns on SFCC with our OCAPI integration as a foundation.

Webshop integrations built by our partners

Want to offer Spaaza's incentive solutions as part of your webshop solution?  Get in touch and check out our developer documentation.

Flexible, personal, powerful

Easily issue your target audience with vouchers and coupons that are redeemable anywhere.

Use Spaaza's segments to create incentive vouchers for a specific group of customers, or issue coupons to anonymous customers to encourage them to use your products and services.

Issue vouchers through campaigns, or when customers perform a desired set of actions. To get the best results, choose the right type of voucher for your audience and create a win-win experience.

Vouchers for good

Issue vouchers that benefit society and help you achieve your goals

Spaaza makes it easy to issue vouchers for good causes. These incentives benefit the customer, the brand, and the community.

We partner with great organisations to make the process of issuing and redeeming benevolent cause Smart Vouchers as easy as possible. For example, with our partner Trees for All, we’ve made it easy for you to issue a voucher to plant a tree on behalf of your customers.


Fractional ownership

Give customers more than a sense of ownership

Smart Vouchers can be used to issue shares or fractional ownership to customers. We've partnered with the specialist financial technology company Bits of Stock to make this possible.


Developer tools

Our extensions, API, and developer tools allow you to issue, show, and redeem Smart Vouchers in any of your channels.

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